The Smarter Way To Print Your Memories.

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Why Lifebook?

Sometimes you drift away from your loved ones. The smiles and laughters slowly diminish from your mind. But there's a warmth that never goes away, a warmth made of the memories of all the happy moments in life. Oppy cherishes those happy moments and he knows you do too.

Many Frame Colors For You To Choose From

Automatic Location and Date With Your Own Caption

Rings For Easy Photo Unbind, Bind And Display

PU Leather Cover With Print Date Branding And A New Color Every Month

Secure Lifetime Backup For Your Printed Lifebooks

Artificial Intelligence Search Through Printed Lifebooks

App Screenshots

And all this for just...

Premium thick glossy 18x13cm photos with custom frames and captions. Quality PU leather cover that changes color every month branded with print date and 3 rings holding it all together.
A handcrafted masterpiece for you to fall in love with.

Basic Lifebook


  • 25 Photos
  • FREE Extra Ring For Display
  • FREE Lifetime Backup*
  • FREE Shipping

Extra 2 Photos Pack


Up To 8 Packs Per Album

* Lifetime backup only applies for customers who order at least one Lifebook per year

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